Our Objective

Whether or not you are new or just curious or even if you have had some experience in the crypto space. We hope to offer some of our insight from our experiences. Especially if you are new to the Crypto world then Welcome We will be going through things to try and help you with some guidance.

There are various types of trading methods with cryptocurrencies, usually the safest way to do this is to spend time doing some research and finding opportunities to buy some of your favourite tokens, We recommend what they call blue chip cryptocurrencies which are the top 10 or 20 tokens by market cap/trading volume, Then holding them for the long term, instead of buying them at their all-time highs to look out for opportunities if they drop down in price whether it be from some bad news or a sell-off, As Warren buffet famously once about stock market trading you need to buy low and sell high! Buy when there is blood on the streets and everyone is selling, But unfortunately, usually, many people do the opposite and FOMO in when the prices are shooting up then either get stuck at the top or when the tokens sell off they lose money while panic selling, Even though Warren Buffet claims to hate Crypto and has only been successful in the stock trading world, This is good advice and this is the mindset you should adopt if you enter the space, You need to look for opportunities when the prices fall or during a bear market and not when they start going up in price.

Buying blue chip Cryptocurrencies is a safer option but you probably would not see big returns in a short period, but that is ok as many of the so-called blue chip tokens have recently taken a tumble from their all-time highs since 2021 as now we are currently in a bear market, So we are now waiting for the next bull run and with the next Bitcoin halving coming around in May 2024 this usually signals a higher price for Bitcoin which often signals a higher price for the altcoins (More on Bitcoin and the upcoming halving in our blog “What is Bitcoin” below)

In the altcoin space, there are better opportunities to find bigger gains but these smaller tokens are a lot riskier and unless you have gained experience in trading them then we would not recommend trading them and instead make a crypto portfolio slowly and look at it as more of an investment for the longer term over a few years rather than just looking for a get rich quick scheme. Please always remember, Do not trade with more than you can afford to lose, Please do not use your rent money or families money or the last money you have etc. and instead save up if you are looking to enter and you do not have the funds at the current time, to enter and when you have any spare money that you can afford to lose and you are interested in entering the space, Then spend time researching to make it a less stressful time, as the crypto space can be very volatile with big moves up and down based off FUD (News) So Spend the time then you will find the space a  really interesting place to learn about this new technology where there is so much to learn with all this innovation.

Other types of trading are day trading and swing trading which we would only recommend if you have had a lot of experience and are willing to learn as you have to learn how charts and indicators work which can take some time,

Online courses are offering this and you find out there are a lot of things to learn so unless you have a lot of time to learn then we would recommend sticking to HODL (holding) on your crypto for the longer term, especially if you are looking at the top two crypto tokens BTC (Bitcoin) and ETH (Ethereum) (This is not financial advise by the way!) It is just our own humble opinions.

In the altcoin space there they offer other earning opportunities such as staking some places offer high yields of up to 25% but be careful with the higher yields as these are usually riskier opportunities.  Many people just prefer to buy and hold their cryptocurrencies off any exchange and store them on a ledger or some other cold storage device so they have full control without any external risk. (More about storing your cryptocurrency in our blogs below)

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